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Workforce Management Software to organize your team

A management software to plan your team's activities and increase productivity: discover the Nosco Agile Planner module!

Nosco Agile Planner Omnichannel Inbox Screen

The Agile Workforce module of Nosco is a visual interface that allows you to share the work schedule with the whole team and easily manage the redistribution of workloads .

The management software is designed to address the criticalities and variability in managing the most important component of your organization: people.

According to the principles of the Agile methodology , knowing how to respond to change is more important than following an obsolete plan: Nosco makes every team able to easily adapt to external changes , rescheduling to keep efficiency standards unchanged.

Nosco Agile Planner
Representation of the Nosco Agile Planner multi-channel for customer support

People and technology planning

Want to know how your team got organized but are you leading?

The Nosco Agile Planner module allows you to request details via phone or chat: collect the information you need in the simplest and most immediate way .

Each team member can view their own schedule and that of their colleagues.

The planning panel allows you to detect any critical issues, whether they are related to an excessive workload or a lack of saturation of the person.

The results of the planning are then verified at the end of the month: it is thus possible to compare what has been planned with what has been finalized , in order to improve the performance of your team, based on the analysis of the data collected.

Planning detail in the Nosco Agile Planner Planning

Find out how Nosco simplifies your team's planning!

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Agile method applied to workforce management software

Make your team adaptive thanks to the Agile method

The market is constantly subject to changes , more or less profound.

A company can ignore reality and proceed with planning based on conditions that are no longer valid, even if it leads nowhere, or aim for the result, embracing change with the least possible effort .

Even if we don't like it, change is often necessary: ​​this is why the present, past and future state must always be accessible and immediately understandable. The advantage? Reduce the time spent managing variability , both in terms of practical management and information sharing.

The easy management of customer assistance tickets operable with Nosco Agile Workforce

Organize information with a single interface

Attendance cards and employee time management monitoring

The Agile Planner module allows you to report the work activities of individual team members , also in relation to various projects. You will be able to automatically plan, manage and finalize the working hours carried out during the carrying out of activities and tasks assigned by the various employees in the various projects, exporting everything to the payroll systems.

real-time monitoring gives you a complete picture of your team's activities, on a weekly or daily basis: set the frequency you prefer and Nosco creates notices for the final balance to those who have not done it as agreed.

Nosco organizes the team's work in the various projects in a flexible and structured way: the result is a reduction of execution and final accounting times and management costs , which result in a less stressful work environment!

Nosco Agile Workforce intuitive and integrated interface with multi-level functionality and information

Find out how Nosco simplifies your team's planning!

Request the demo of the Workforce module and try a new way to organize yourself!