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Nosco   is a vertical platform for customer support that allows you to collect and manage in real time the information that comes from interactions with your customers , such as phone calls and emails, and data obtained from sensors installed in your products

Nosco saves on customer management time and costs, to perform remote activities in full efficiency, to optimize the assistance service, to make the decision-making process transparent and accessible at all levels. It is a tool designed to help companies grow and evolve, to be increasingly competitive in the market.
Nosco provides updated information about customer requests and their product usage habits, and allows you to detect the status of products equipped with sensors.
Nosco catalogs and makes easily accessible any data that the customer provides during assistance. It becomes possible to view phone calls, chats and emails via the web: all you need is an internet connection and a computer.


Your Customers and your Products have never had so much to say

Listen to your Customers

Platform that collects and makes available to you the information acquired during interactions with your customers.




Listen to your Customers

Use cases

Claudio - Tecnico assistenza clienti


Customer Service Technician

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Beatrice - Servizio Manutenzione


Customer Service

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Leonardo - Collaudatore



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Eva - Fisico



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I am Claudio , I work as a technician in customer service for a company that produces and sells paints for construction throughout Europe.

Until recently, when a customer called to complain about a defect, there was a lot of time wasted. The call came to a switchboard or to the first free operator who listened to the problem for the first time and tried to route it to the most suitable operator. The client was forced to repeat his story several times, often losing patience.

Now, thanks to Nosco , I already know that a phone call will not come to me by chance, on the contrary, the system will have already recognized the customer's telephone number, he will have related it to other information and will have chosen me as the most suitable operator.

The last phone call received, for example, was assigned to me because I speak German, the same language as the client, and because I have skills in the type of problem that the customer indicated while on hold. I immediately planned the intervention at the customer's site by viewing on Nosco the availability of technicians.

Once the intervention is completed, the problems highlighted will become part of a shared history, allowing us to anticipate other problems also for all other customers who have the same product.

I am Beatrice ,I manage the maintenance service of a company that designs and produces professional kitchens.

The company I work for has sold thousands of professional kitchens all over the world. We are present in Europe, China, United States, South America. Ours are excellent kitchens, resistant and reliable, but like any product, they can periodically run into small and large failures. Before choosing Nosco problem management was complex and expensive. Previously, each intervention actually began when the maintenance technician arrived on site. The maintenance technician had to be found, informed, sent and the kitchen was repaired in several interventions.

Now, thanks to Nosco , we are able to remotely dispose of product data and with a network notifications and alarms, we can even start maintenance before the customer complains. Whatever type of maintenance is needed, we have set it up Nosco in order to activate immediately the closest service and with the language and technical skills to deal with the problem. Once arrived, the service can replace the product electronics and with the App NoscoService download the original settings from the cloud and restore the operating conditions prior to the fault. The intervention becomes part of of an increasing predictive case series the perfectibility of the product itself and the frequency of faults decreases.

I am Leonardo , tester of refrigeration machines.

I have just finished testing our two-circuit chiller, the outcome is positive and the data visible on the app Nosco Factory they tell us that everything works as expected.

The quality reports have been automated and it will no longer be necessary to spend hours to fill in full sheets listlessly check list. The product has been pre-configured to connect to the cloud, NoscoIO in fact it is cloud native and the only thing it needs is connectivity. We will have a database of this testing, from which to draw valuable information also in the future.

Furthermore, all testing information is saved on the platform Nosco available to customer service , which will be autonomous in managing the breakdown. This means for them to reduce the time resolution of practices and anticipate possible future disservices.

I am Eva , physicist who works in R&D.

In the very near future, most objects will be connected to the internet 24 hours a day. The products will be able to understand their operating status by analyzing their installation environment and at the same time retrieving from other products optimization's data. In essence, objects will be able to exchange data with each other, just as people do now.

My company is the market leader also because it moved in time. I have the task of developing a new business model based on digital first and I have chosen Nosco as a technology partner. The electronics of NoscoIO it is integrated into the product and thanks to its modularity we can increase or reduce its functionality. We use Nosco and the information collected during the interaction with the customer to refine our analyzes on the product, as well as to constantly improve the development of new objects and the revision of existing ones. We do this by using OpenSource resources with which Nosco it interfaces easily.