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Success story: Nosco Group for San Marco

San Marco Group is one of the leading companies in Italy in the production of colors. One of the points of strength of the company is customer service, which responds to the various needs of private customers, professionals and other companies.

The company's need was to find the right tool to digitize its customer service, making the management of customer requests more fluid and efficient. In the context of this business process improvement project, San Marco Group has chosen Nosco as a tool digital multi-channel, to allow customer service to manage every interaction with customers in the more efficient way.

Foto sede azienda San Marco

The results?
In just over 9 months, we have brought the call response rate for private assistance from 35% to 80%, and technical assistance from 65% to 80%. And this is just the beginning!

The success story of San Marco Group demonstrates how the use of the right health of digital tools can improve the efficiency of business processes and customer experience, also solving many of the criticisms related to the lockdown.