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Create your contact center and leverage the value of each contact.

Nosco Contact Center Omnichannel Inbox Screen

Nosco's Contact Center module is a digital tool that collects, organizes and makes available the information that comes from your customers.

The software for the Contact Center allows to face the criticalities and the disorder in the customer management flows and makes the whole process more efficient: the result is the transformation of customer service into an Agile tool, able to concretely support the growth of your business.

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Representation of the Nosco Contact Center multichannel for customer support

OmniChannel technology in customer service software

Use a unique tool to organize phone calls, emails, messages

The Nosco Contact Center module allows your customer support department to adopt an OmniChannel approach: the customer is placed at the center of an interconnected system, in which every contact method is connected to all the others.

Each communication channel used by the company converges in the Nosco Contact Center module.

Every phone call, email, message and every exchange of information with the customer is recorded, transcribed and cataloged in a system configured to distribute the acquired data in dynamic and personalized cards, working in synergy with the management software already in use.

The customer can then contact and interact with the company through multiple communication channels: it is possible to start the assistance activity via email and continue by telephone or via Telegram, without having to start over every time.

The operator who receives the contact can immediately know the identity of the customer and the history of the activities and assistance he has requested over time.

Details of the contacts received from the various channels in the Nosco Contact Center Inbox

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Agile method applied to customer care software

Make the customer journey adaptive thanks to the Agile method

The easy management of customer assistance tickets operated with Nosco Contact Center

You can apply the Agile method to your customer care, with all the ensuing advantages.

The Agile method allows you to organize customer management according to an adaptive approach: you will be able to respond quickly to market changes and customer requests flows.

The advantage in adopting this customer management software is twofold: increasing productivity, efficiency of customer service and technical assistance and strengthening relationships with individual customers, improving brand reputation.

Contact Center software with single and integrated interface

Use a single interface to coordinate every aspect of the work

Contact Center software connects with the tools used by the customer service team for internal and external communications. Agents can manage customer calls and conversations with other team members through a single interface, which can be integrated with any ERP thanks to the free APIs available to each customer.

The same interface includes functionalities for managers and team leaders: thanks to the uniformity between the various dashboards, it is easier to monitor the various channels and the performance of individual operators and identify any problems in time real.

Nosco Contact Center intuitive and integrated interface with multi-level functionality and information

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