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The platform for customer management with integrated IoT

IoT and Cloud technologies in a single integrated, modular and scalable platform

Nosco IoT dashboard with graphs showing an anomaly of the machinery in progress
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Nosco's IoT platform is based on a native and integrated cloud connection, which paves the way for all possible Internet of Things applications.

Thanks to a modular system for electronic control, Nosco enables an internet connection that involves concrete objects and places: the machines in use at your company - or the company of your customers - acquire the ability to communicate data on themselves and any object connected to them.

Nosco is a customer service digitalization tool that uses a single integrated combination of IoT application and WebApp. The system thus becomes the richest source of data available to your company and provides essential information about customers and the operation of machinery.

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Nosco IoT graph showing an anomaly in the pressure of a machine

IoT and Web Application: a universe of new opportunities

Collect the data you need to improve business processes

In the context of manufacturing companies, Nosco's IoT platform opens the way to numerous and interesting opportunities, from the optimization of customer service processes to new maintenance methods, allowing you to design the product of tomorrow. It all starts with an unprecedented insight into the status of the machines.

The IoT module allows you to connect the machines to the internet and collect the right data at the right time: you will not have to untangle huge amounts of data of dubious origin, but you can count on the right information and Just In Time.

Nosco I / O: Plug & Play technology ready for the Cloud

Nosco I / O, plug & play technology

Flexible and modular hardware to support your IoT platform

The Nosco IoT module uses Nosco I/O hardware: a system of pre-built modular cards that allow you to configure inputs and outputs to adapt to the particularities of each machine. If necessary, you can choose the optimal module configuration and modify the program, adapting the entire system to the needs of the application.

Nosco I/O is a Plug & Play technology: once connected to power and the network, it is ready for use.

Maintenance models based on IoT and Web App

Responsive maintenance

Reactive intervention is the most commonly used maintenance model: it consists in the repair of a machine following a failure that has already occurred. However, if you do not have process optimization tools, the intervention closing time expands, resulting in an increase in costs.

With Nosco IoT

The IoT platform allows you to have every phase of maintenance under control, from reporting the problem to its resolution. The operators in charge have the necessary information immediately available: customer records, product data sheets, the availability and competence of the network of technicians. Times are reduced and waste is reduced.

Preventive maintenance

Setting up preventive maintenance means scheduling periodic checks and efficiency of your product. The goal of this maintenance model is to prevent the occurrence of failures, even at the cost of resorting to a high number of unnecessary operations.

With Nosco IoT

Thanks to the IoT platform and the Web Application it is possible to manage everything remotely, scheduling and organizing interventions without having to waste energy in interacting with your technical park.

Predictive maintenance

The predictive maintenance model is based on the remote monitoring of the machines connected to the platform, in order to plan an intervention before the occurrence of a real failure. Thanks to a data processing algorithm, it is possible to predict any problems, allowing a drastic reduction in failures and a series of targeted and fast interventions.

With Nosco IoT

The IoT module organizes and processes the data collected periodically from your machines connected to the internet. The accuracy of the information allows you to refine your prediction.

Prescriptive maintenance

This model is an evolution of the predictive model and is able to make the most of the potential of the IoT platform. The data collected in real time on each individual product is combined with installation and testing information, the history of faults and the conditions that facilitate them. Performance is optimized and downtime is further reduced, thanks to continuous product adjustments.

With Nosco IoT

Thanks to Nosco it is possible to generate an information ecosystem of high value and in real time, which combines the information gathered from connected products and from interactions with customers. The reliability achieved makes it possible to promptly recommend intervention actions and monitor their impact.

Percentage values ​​of the different maintenance models thanks to the adoption of Nosco IoT

Give your customers the information they need

A feature dedicated to your customers, agents and resellers

The Nosco IoT Customer Portal is a feature designed to allow your customers, agents and resellers to receive updated information about the machines they are using, in an easy and intuitive way. Through a remotely accessible interface, each customer will be able to monitor the status of the machines in real time and constantly keep the pulse of the situation.

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