About Us

We are software engineers

specialized in agile development, with a vertical knowledge that allows us to conceive and implement complex projects.

We are part of a network of partner companies able to support your team, redefine your processes and digitize your tools .

For us, the achievement of goals is built through transparency, accurate project management and respect for deadlines.


Minimum Viable Product is the best way to validate an idea while minimizing risks.
We create a prototype that can be tested directly in the field by compressing the Time to Market as much as possible and adding the necessary tools to evaluate the response of the market, process and people.


We can support you for an architectural analysis or for the training of your team members both on agile methodologies and on Ruby, Python and Javascript, technologies of which we are specialists.

Agile Development and Lean Manufacturing

We strongly adhere to Agile Manifesto because like Lean Manufacturing has transformed the productive world, Agile has improved the IT one.

Clear and continuous communication, the elimination of waste without added value for the customer and adapting to the intrinsic needs of the project are the only way for us to develop projects that maximize result respecting budget and deadlines .


The elimination of waste (Muda) is one of the basic principles of Lean and that is why we love a direct and explicit comparison with those who commission the project . perplexity so that from the beginning our point of view, based on our experience, contributes to optimizing methods and objectives .


The best way to avoid running into dead ends when developing a complex project is that everyone who participates can verify what has been achieved as soon as possible .

We always provide a staging environment that every member of the team involved has access to from the early days and in which they can comprehensively analyze progress.

Never Locked In

We want to continue working with people when they are convinced it is the best choice for them, which is why we try to develop projects in atomic cycles so that at the end of each phase you can choose whether to proceed or stop . This without affecting what has been created so far .

We never bind our client to continue a project with us, but at the end of each phase we provide everything that has been developed as it has been tested in the staging environment .

Test Driven Development

TDD (Test Driven Development) is a development mode that involves the drafting of automatic tests before that of the software to be tested.

This methodology allows us to test our applications even before realizing them. It allows us to achieve a higher quality standard and allows us to avoid quality regressions in the implementation of subsequent phases.


The Cloud is not a fashion but a set of technological tools that allow you to "offload" many principles of resilience and scalability.

Putting a server in the cloud is not a cloud adoption but only a temporary transition. The cloud is accessibility and dynamism that require IT know-how but above all a modern mentality .