Ruby on Rails

Our skills

We are senior developers with many years of experience in the development of Ruby applications, and in particular Ruby on Rails, which range from data acquisition systems to the integration of web intranet applications with ERP systems.
The in-depth knowledge of frameworks such as Ruby on Rails allows us to be efficient and to minimize time to market by leaving applications that use open source tools with a high degree of maintainability to the customer.
Ruby is not the first language that would be chosen for scalable and high availability applications but it is one of the most efficient.

Team Augmentation

We are a horizontal team that manages to integrate with internal developers as if we were individual freelancers.
However, being a pre-established team, we can have shorter deadlines, parallelizing the work, and guaranteeing more ambitious goals.
We help, with our full stack know-how and the experience given by our consultancy, to make long-term choices.
We evolve MVPs and monolithic legacy applications in passable, tested and maintainable code. We do not "over-engineer", but we focus on achieving effective results, however, starting from a more global vision.

Why Ruby on Rails, Why Leanbit

Ruby it is often the core of our development stack but we do not limit ourselves to this. The design and implementation of applications
Scalable requires knowledge of the systems and cloud providers in which to host them.
We design architectures based on linux, and on pure clouds such as Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services, following both configuration and management.
We complete the stack with both iOS and Android mobile apps, and although we know hybrid technologies, we prefer native development.

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