What we do

We support SMEs in facing the daily technological challenges of the modern era. You can find us building a monitoring system for a distributed system, using either open - source components, or through the development of customized solutions. We also re-engineer legacy software by using modern and distributed components such as Redis, RethinkDB, Mongo, Object Storage and CDN.


Minimum Viable Product is the best way to validate an idea by minimizing risks. We create a prototype that can be tested directly in the field by compressing the Time to Market as much as possible and supporting an effective evaluation of market response.


If you are looking for a team of developers who can implement a complex application, we can help you. We create both web and mobile applications and we provide automation tools for configuration management and infrastructure provisioning. We provide a staging environment in which you can check progress daily.


Modernize is a necessity that every market imposes. We support SMEs in assessing the benefits that the introduction of modern tools can bring.
We apply a slightly aggressive commercial policy because we are convinced that we can only renew ourselves if we are calm and enthusiastic in doing so.


We can be of support for an architectural analysis or for the training of members of your team both on agile methodologies and on Ruby on Rails, technology of which we are specialists. We support internal teams both to manage work peaks and to complete your team's skills by working side by side or developing separate sections.


Are you looking for a technological partner who invests with you in an idea / project? Many corporate spinoffs born with the intent to innovate the company’s main business, but fail because, despite knowing the market and its objectives well, they are unable to optimize the development of the tools necessary for its evolution. We support those who innovate their sector by following the Lean Startup model that addresses the uncertainty of innovation with a scientific, measurable and systematic approach.

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